Middle East Insider Tips

Jordan | Barren of fish, plants and living organisms due to the level of salts, mud and minerals, and is the lowest the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea is considered a natural spa for its healing properties. It is also so hypersaline, your body floats on the surface as swimming is difficult.

Jordan | With a treasure trove of more than 100,000 religious and archaeological sites, many referenced in the Old Testament of the Bible, Jordan offers a remarkable record of ancient history and culture.

Jordan | When traveling in Jordan, it is a must to ask permission before photographing locals, especially women, and tourists should be conscience of taking photos at attractions to not be intrusive or disrespectful.

Jordan | Celebrated as the national dish of Jordan, traditional Mansaf is made with lamb, spices and fermented dried yogurt sauce called Jameed, most often served on a Bedouin-style platter with rice or bulgur.

United Arab Emirates | Enjoy Michelin star chef dining without the wait at Stay by Yannick Alleno. The three-Michelin-star chef serves up temptations that replicate his Paris menu including the famous langoustine tartlet topped with caviar and served in a French butter sauce. The stage is set in a dramatic dining room defined by tall ceilings, black chandeliers and high-backed armchairs.

United Arab Emirates | A shopper's paradise, discover many of the world's finest merchandise from designer brands, perfume oils and jewelry to textiles, electronics and more for bargain prices.

United Arab Emirates | Although United Arab Emirates has a relaxed dress code, modest attire is recommended in rural areas and visits to mosques or places of worship. When booking with Journese, be sure to check your itinerary for any dress code requirements.

Abu Dhabi | The Fish Market located at the mina (port) end of the city is the best place to buy your fish. It is best to visit early in the morning to see the fish caught locally being unloaded for sale, planning a picnic or wanting to taste a bite - at one end of the market, staff will prepare the fresh catch for you.

Dubai | Featuring 60 flower species and 60 million blossoms, the Dubai Miracle Garden is the largest natural flower garden on Earth. This whimsical oasis in the desert features fanciful domes, a tunnel of heart arches, full-size house and event an Airbus A380 superjumbo plane - all swathed in bright blooms. This incredible site is open daily from October through April.

Dubai | With a commitment to fresh and seasonal ingredients, The Ritz-Carlton offers guests the chance to join acclaimed global cuisine chefs in the kitchen and at the dining table. Consider a culinary pilgrimage to these foodie destinations to try their most iconic dishes. Be sure not to miss the sweet delicacies at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai with pastries such as knafeh, chebab, samboosa, varbat and ma'mool cookies offering the perfect compliment to the rich Arabic coffee and tea.

Dubai | The world's largest indoor theme park is in Dubai. IMG Worlds of Adventure is 1.5 million square feet, the size of 28 football fields. With 21 rides and attractions, 28 places to eat and 25 retail shops, the indoor park is sure to become an icon for Dubai. Travelers will delight in the signature ride, Velociraptor, the tallest and fasted roller coaster in the Emirates.

Dubai | Adventure seekers will delight in an indoor winter playground with 6,000 tons of snow, five ski runs and live penguins in the Mall of Emirates in Dubai.

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