Saint Lucia Insider Tips

Saint Lucia | Following arrival on Saint Lucia, indulge in a scenic helicopter transfer to your luxury resort, soaking in the dramatic beauty of the island below.

Saint Lucia | A historical landmark and marine base, Marigot Bay is where the movie Dr. Doolittle was filmed and was also a favorite hideout for pirates. Lush hillsides plunge to the pretty palm-fringed beach, and yachts bob on the bay's blue waters. The harbor is so deep and sheltered that the British fleet supposedly hid here from the French by covering their masts with palm fronds.

Saint Lucia | If travelers are splitting their stay between Castries and Soufriere, rather than spending a day in the car driving, take a catamaran transfer and enjoy the day soaking up the sun and scenery. Also, every Friday night on the Castries side of the island, join the locals for a street party and enjoy music, dancing, and local cuisine. ~ Kathryn Holland, Destination Specialist

Saint Lucia | Cap Maison Resort & Spa in Saint Lucia features its own Cap Maison Cask Ages Rum and offers a guided tasting flight of six Caribbean rums from their collection, under the guidance of the resort's Rummier or rum sommelier at The Cliff Bar.

Saint Lucia | One of the most mountainous islands in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia features the world's only drive-through volcano. Visit Sulfur Springs Park, the most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. Visitors can view the bubbling pools and hissing fumaroles from observation platforms, and soak in some nearby therapeutic springs.

Saint Lucia | Cruise two miles out to sea to Soufriere for close views of lively whales and dolphins for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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