Caribbean Maps


Exuding a myriad of cultural flavors and unique island flair infused with calypso and reggae sounds, fragrant breezes and carefree ambience, discover a wondrous, revitalizing energy in the Caribbean. Explore exotic landscapes, vibrant coral reefs and magical colonial trasures plus the many ecological wonders these island countries have to offer. Drive by athe demail for sugar, teh Caribbean island nations were colonized by Europe many centuries ago. Each still retain the culture, traditions and language from these influential settlements, cultivating a new West Indian lifestyle with unique dialects, sophisticated art and incredible cuisine. 

Aruba is located in the heart of the southern Caribbean, 15 miles from the South American coastline. The island is 19.6 miles long and six miles across at its widest point. On the south and west coasts are miles of pristine white beaches that rank among the most beautiful in the world. The northeast coast is marked by its rugged landscapes and miles of pristine coastline. The island's most famous trees are the watapana, or divi-divi trees, all permanently sculpted into graceful, southwest-bending shapes by the constant trade winds.

British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda, just 8.5 square miles, is located in the eastern Caribbean and is a popular yachting destination. Transportation to this island is via a 20 minute ferry. Activities include exploring a copper mine, and The Baths, a series of small pools lying beneath giant granite boulders.


The Islands Of The Bahamas form a 100,000-sq-mile archipelago that extends over 500 miles of the clearest water in the world. There are 700 islands, including many uninhabited cays and large rocks formations The Bahamas has the world's third longest barrier reef and beautiful coral can be found in these waters.

Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands consists of Grand Cayman (the largest), Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The three islands are limestone outcroppings, the tops of a submarine mountain range called the Cayman Ridge. All three islands are surrounded by healthy coral reefs which lie at the top of dramatic walls and drop-offs close to shore, creating ideal conditions for diving and sportfishing.

Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country with five mountain ranges, countless rivers, spectacular waterfalls, sweeping valleys and surrounded on three sides with breathtaking beaches. Whether your idea of a vacation is lounging beneath a palm tree on a deserted beach or trying something more adventurous like white-water rafting, scuba diving or mountain climbing, there is something for everyone on this beautiful island.

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, and the most populous English-speaking island in that region. The island of Jamaica is home to the Blue Mountains inland, and is surrounded by a narrow coastal plain. Most major towns and cities are located on the coast. The climate in Jamaica is tropical, with hot and humid weather, although higher inland regions have a more temperate climate.

Puerto Rico

Culture-seekers will be charmed be La Isla's heritage and history, from Old San Juan's charms to folk art and festivals in the outlying towns. You can drive round Puerto Rico in a day, but take your time. Coffee plantations, colonial towns, beaches, bars and restaurants wait to be explored. Old San Juan, with famed Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, is an atmospheric place to wander.

St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis seem to embody a kind of lush tropical paradise usually associated with the South Pacific. The atmosphere here is luxuriant, a blend of sunlight, sea air and fantastically abundant vegetation. At the center of St. Kitts stands the spectacular, cloud-fringed peak of Mount Liamuiga , a dormant volcano covered by dense tropical forest.

St. Lucia
St. Lucia possesses some of the finest natural harbours in the Caribbean, and is centrally located within easy reach of the rest of the region and North America. St. Lucia is part of the Windward Island chain, a sub-group of islands within the West Indies.

St. Thomas and St. John, US Virgin Islands
With the the beautiful islands of St. John and St. Thomas, the United States Virgin Islands offers something for everyone - breathtaking beaches with emerald water, secluded coves, pristine coral reefs, and untouched rainforests. Friendly people with a unique music, cuisine, and culture. Wonderful restaurants, world-class shopping, and exciting festivals.

Turks and Caicos
Turks & Caicos consists of 40 islands, only 8 are inhabited. Located in the Eastern Caribbean 550 miles southeast of Miami and east of Cuba. It is surrounded by one of the most extensive coral reef systems in the world. Popular excursions include Caicos Conch Farm, Middle Caicos Caves, and Cheshire Hall Plantation Ruins, whale watching.

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