Panama Experiences

Portobelo Historical Excursion
Begin the excursion with a train transit from the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean to the calm waters of the Caribbean. The trip to Portobelo travels through lush landscape, dramatic hills and cattle ranches. Be transported back in time as you encounter multiple colonial fortifications with canons still aimed toward the bay they once protected. 

Embera Indigenous Village Excursion
Immerse in the ancient Embera culture with dances,mystical rituals and music. Explore an abundant variety of wildlife during a trek through untouched jungle and sparkling waterfalls. Discover their knowledge of medicinal plants and natural remedies or watch the Embera women create beautiful baskets from palm leaves and natural dyes.

Gatun Lake Expedition
The Monkey Island adventure begins on the edge of Gamboa, crossing the Chagres River, up to the Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal. In this adventure you will have the opportunity to visit several islands, marvel at the flora and fauna, watch up close friendly capuchins and howling monkeys, as well as observe numerous bird species.   

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Explore Panama

Panama Canal Partial Transit
Begin your excursion with a drive from Flamenco Marina to the town of Gamboa, then board your boat upon the canal at Gailard cut, where the Chagres River flows into the canal. Travel through Pedro Miguel Locks and on the way view the Centennial Bridge. Then enter Miraflores Lake before your final body of water, the Pacific Ocean. 


Valle de Anton Experience
The picturesque town of El Valle, known as the land of eternal spring, is nestled in the crater of an extinct volcano. Visit the beautiful waterfalls in Chorro El Macho, marvel at the abundant tropical animals and flora at the Nispero Botanical Gardens and Zoo and try to solve the riddle of the pre-Columbian petroglyphs at La Piedra Pintada.