Greece Experiences

Our portfolio features the finest private activities available, including customizable experiences with cultural discovery, mesmerizing exploration, knowledgeable local guides and private transportation. Below is just a sample of some of the excursions we offer, please contact your Destination Specialist for additional information.

Athens Exploration

Ancient Athens
Experience this ancient capital city with its countless ruins and modern structures including Acropolis Hill, the Parthenon, Presidential Palace, Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Gate and Museum of Cycladic Art, plus the option to include lunch at a local tavern. | Half Day


Delphi - The Naval of the Earth
Regarded as the center of the earth, travel to Delphi and discover the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Castalian spring, Sanctuary of Athena at Marmaria and a village stop at Arachova. Enjoy an exquisite lunch at a local Greek Tavern. | Full Day

Also Available in Athens

Corinth Excursion with Wine Tasting
Travel from Athens down the coastal road of the Saronic Gulf to Corinth Canal and admire the amazing view where the Aegean Sea and Ioanian Sea meet. Explore the Ancient Corinth town where Agora and Apollo's Temple show how rich and important Corinth was. Continue to Palivou Estate, a hospitable winery in Ancient Nemea which showcases the biggest vineyard of the Balkans. After exploring the Vineyards and Winery, enjoy a Tasting Seminar in the gardens accompanied with cheeses, deli meats and bread. This private guided excursion includes transportation and has the option of a half-day excursion or upgrade to the full-day excursion which includes a four-course lunch at a local tavern.

Cruise to Hydra, Poros and Aegina
A full-day guided cruise to three beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf. Within two hours arrive on the island of Poros, where you will enjoy an hour of leisure time to explore this enchanting village. Savor lunch onboard as you sail to Hydra, whose amphitheater shape once served as a safe shelter for Saronic Pirates. Discover on foot or by traditional "vehicle" (a saddled donkey) the old seaside promenade, crystal clear waters and fine-craft shops. Be charmed by Hydra's sights for a few hours before boarding to a taste of the gastronomic creations of the Chef. The final port is Aegina, the largest of the three islands, where you have a couple of hours to walk or enjoy a horse-carriage ride, relax in a waterfront shop or explore the harbor. On your return sail, a Traditional Greek Folk Show takes place onboard, with singers and dancers in original costumes entertain and delight guests.

Eternal Acropolis
A private half-day guided excursion of the Acropolis and all its unique monuments including the Parthenon, temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena, the Erechtheion with its famous Caryatids porch and the Propylaia. Enjoy spectacular views of the city followed by a drive through the city of Athens. 

Guided Walking Stroll through Plaka
Enjoy the unique combination of the old and new and experience the pleasure of strolling the narrow streets and numerous shops. This private half-day guided walk begins in the city center and continues to the Mitropolis Cathedral, church of Panayia Gorgoepikoos and Monastiraki Square. Conclude your walk down Adrianou Street to the Roman Agora, admire the Tower of the Winds and Monument of Lysicrates before savoring Greek specialties at a local tavern. 

Panoramic City Exploration and Guided Stroll through Plaka
Enjoy this private three-hour guided excursion beginning with a drive through Athens sighting The Panathenaic Stadium, Presidential Palace and Temple of Zeus, among other landmarks. Following with a walking tour of Plaka, the oldest district of Athens, strolling narrow streets and browsing numerous shops.

The Jewish Collection in Greece
A private guided half-day excursion beginning at the two Synagogues in Greece; Etz Hayyim and Beth Shalom Sephardic synagogue. Continue on your discovery of Jewish history visiting the Greek Ancient Agora where remains of marbles with Jewish symbols were found. Conclude at The Jewish Museum, a historical and ethnographical museum containing more than 8,000 artifacts, an art gallery and photo archive.

The Main Hot Spots of Athens
Begin with a drive through Athens where your guide showcases monuments such as Syntagma Square, Temple of Zeus and Hadrian's Gate. Visit the Acropolis and explore the Parthenon, temple dedicated to Goddess Athena, Erechtheion and the Propylaia. After enjoying the spectacular view, your excursion concludes with a choice of The New Acropolis Museum or The National Archeological Museum. This private guided excursion includes transportation and has the option of a half-day excursion or upgrade to the full-day excursion which includes a four-course lunch at a traditional local tavern in Plaka. 

The National Archeological Museum
Explore the unique panorama of ancient Greek art on this half-day private guided excursion. After a drive through the city of Athens, spend your afternoon among the unrivaled collection of the Greek civilization. The museums treasures are displayed in chronological order where visitors  can follow the development of Greek sculpture and admire masterpieces like the Kouros statues, bronze statue of Zeus/Poseidon, the Horse and the Little Jockey, the Youth of Antikythera and the Marathon Boy. Conclude with fine wall paintings from Santorini, the delightful Cycladic statuettes and the popular Mycenean collection with its 14kg of gold funerary goods. Travelers are sure to be charmed by the kaleidoscope of art and mythology.

The New Acropolis Museum
Located in the historical area of Makriyianni, this private half-day excursion explores the 25,000 square meter museum with invaluable Greek artifacts. The new museum is fully-equipped with all technical facilities for conservation of the pieces, your guide explains the myths and legends associated with these incredible works. 

Experience Crete

Let's Cook ... Crete - Wine Tasting and Cooking Demonstration
A gastronomical dream, explore Crete’s rural towns and villages to master cooking styles and techniques, followed by a wine making class and a cooking demonstration of local dishes in a converted Minoan colony. Includes wine tasting and lunch. | Full Day


Bread Making Experience and Cooking Lesson: A hands-on lesson of Cretan tastes and flavors, with recipes passed on for generations. Using seasons products from local farmers and gardens, enjoy a cooking lesson and demonstration of an appetizer, main dish and dessert, including bread making in a traditional wooden oven. Guests will be sure to savor their creations. 

Experiential Herb Garden - Oils & Cheeses: Aromatic plants are very important in Crete, visit our garden for an education experience where you can smell, touch and taste the herbs. Learn how to flavor olive oils, taste tea herbs and help prepare a special fresh cheese to savor with herbs and honey. This four-hour excursion includes your private guide and transporation.


Discover Mykonos


Delos Excursion
Arrive at Delos, a sacred island filled with history and the birthplace of ancient Greek gods, Apollo and Artemis. Admire the Sanctuary of Artemis, Temple of Apollo and countless monumental antiquities amidst public squares and market places. | Half Day


Sailing to Rhenia Island
A one-hour sail from Mykonos, escape to this uninhabited island and relish in four solitary beaches for a day of fun in the sun, swimming, snorkeling or sightseeing. Includes a light lunch onboard and beverages. | Full Day


Santorini Adventure

Sunset Catamaran Cruise
Board a luxury yacht for an exciting semi-private sunset cruise. Stop at the Hot Springs for a mud bath followed by snorkeling at both White Beach and Red Beach. Enjoy a delicious barbeque onboard as you sail into the sunset at Oia Village. | Half Day